"I highly recommend Andrea! We used her last year at the end of spring/early summer when our son stopped going to bed on his own even though he used to. It was about a one hr struggle to get him to bed for about a month and a half. Andrea suggested some changes for us to make as well as a different routine and after about two weeks he was back to going to bed and sleeping within 15 min. If you’ve been having trouble getting your little ones to sleep you should definitely contact her!"

Inez, mom of 4 year old

"You would think this is magic it worked so well. Jack took to Andrea's plan like an angel and slept through the night the first week we put the plan (100% of it) into place! We had read bits and pieces of different methods and books, but it was super helpful to have one person just give us a direct overview of what we needed to know for our particular child. Highly recommend!"

Chelsea, Mom of 9 month old. 

"Andrea was so knowledgeable and flexible! She was able to shape a plan around my difficult toddler/sleeper in order to make our sleep transition as cry free as possible. She listened to all my concerns and worries, and never dismissed them! Instead she used it to find solutions in order to help my toddler and I into a much better sleeping situation. I highly recommend her if you have a crazy terrible sleeper like I did!!"

Melissa, mom of 15-month-old  

"Andrea saved my sanity! I was a nurse on demand, co-sleeping Mom. My 9 month old was waking up all night, 5 + times. Naps were never very good either, nursing to sleep took so much out of me. I was unhappy and sleep deprived, but could see no way out of my situation. All the sleep books were driving me crazy. Andrea gave me several options and walked me through my choice. She prayed for me and coached me through step by step. My baby learned the new rules and started sleeping in the crib like a champ. I feel like I'm free of the no-sleep prison! I'm actually having dreams that I can remember now (not just tiny dreams). My brain is functioning better. I have more energy to be a fun parent! I love sleeping in my own bed so much! Thank you God for the gift of Andrea!" 

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Ashley, mom of 9 month old


" I tried sleep training my second child the way I had trained my first, and it just didn’t work. I read books on sleep training, but my 10-month-old still wasn’t sleeping through the night; in fact he was waking up several times a night. None of us were getting enough sleep, and so when I contacted Andrea, I was desperate. She was so personable and I felt like she really understood me and what I was needing. She made a specific plan to fit our needs. Within a couple nights we were seeing significant improvement, and by 4 nights neither my husband nor I were having to go to him- he was sleeping through the night! I had forgotten how amazing it was to sleep through the night. We are all happier and are appreciative to Andrea for her expertise and support." 

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Julia, mom of 10 month old

"We tried sleep training our third after two other kids who didn't sleep well. The difference was night and day! Our 10 month old was sleeping through the night just after we tried Andrea's suggestions. And she was still available to help us later on as nap time problems crept up." 

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Mary, mom of 10 month old

"Andrea has helped us understand our daughter's sleep cues and establish a routine that allows our whole family to get better sleep! Our baby was waking up every hour and needing to nurse back to sleep, and Andrea helped us establish a bedtime routine that allows her to easily fall asleep on her own! She's a much happier, well-rested baby, and my husband and I are able to enjoy evenings and dinner together again!"
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Kat, mom of 6 month old 


"Working with Andrea was and continues to be an amazing experience. My husband and I contacted Andrea when our 5 month old daughter was going through her first major sleep regression. She needed to nurse to fall to asleep and was up every two hours through the night. We were all exhausted and losing our minds! After chatting with Andrea we were able to figure out a plan for our family and felt confident because of all the knowledge and support from her. Andrea helped us figure out how to sleep train our daughter in a way that worked for us, how to nap train, how to establish a solid sleep routine, how to teach our daughter how to self soothe and most importantly how to go to bed without needing to nurse. After two days of implementing some changes in our approach to bedtime, our daughter actually slept through the night. She only woke up twice and was able to fall back to sleep on her own - it was amazing. At 12 months she is sleeping like a champ. Betimes and nap times are no longer traumatic and she actually loves her crib. Andrea is very knowledgeable and empathetic and after chatting with her we felt confident to make the necessary changes that used to seem scary. We will continue to ask her for sleep guidance as our family grows and recommend her to all of our sleep deprived friends!"
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Maria, mom of 2

I highly recommend Andrea for anyone struggling with baby sleep issues. My 5 month old was waking up 4+ times a night but after just 3 nights of working with Andrea she's sleeping through the night! I was so worried about the process being stressful because I didn't want my baby to cry and I also didn't have a lot of energy to devote sleep training after a full day of work - neither was an issue. Andrea gave me a variety of methods to choose from based on my parenting style and my baby's needs. It made the process stress free and flexible. Implementing the techniques was much easier than expected and not stressful at all. I definitely recommend working with Andrea if your little one has trouble sleeping!
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Jessie, mom of 5 month old


"Andrea went out of her way (on a weekend and drew up a plan that day!) to help us with our 7 mo old who was extremely dependent on sleep props and not sleeping well. She is incredibly kind and patient with such a delicate and challenging moment of parenting. I would highly recommend her to help you work through your little's sleep troubles."

Rebecca, mom of 7 month old



"Andrea is amazing! I went to her in desperation because my 20 month old son was going on 2 weeks of sleep troubles. Bedtime was taking hours and no one in my home was sleeping - it was miserable. I felt like we were trying everything, but nothing was working. I was desperate to know exactly what to do to solve the problem and have things in the home go back to normal. Andrea did just that! She was able to pinpoint exactly what was going on with my son and walk me through the solution. He was sleeping through the night again in just 4 nights! It was magical! I loved that she provided lots of personalization and support throughout the process. She followed up with me at nap times and bedtimes to answer questions or make adjustments to the sleep plan. She somehow made it easy!" 

Kateri, mom of 20 month old


"Thank you Andrea De La Torre for meeting my daughter Tinsley! She just turned 3 months old and I wanted to start sleep training and work out a napping schedule! Andrea met with me in person and showed me some sleep cues to make sure I am looking for as well as walked me through the steps to helping my baby go down for a nap as well as going to bed for the night! We are working on sleeping through the night and she only woke up once the first night I tried her strategy! I saw her yesterday and today I have successfully had my baby down for 2 naps saw the sleep cues and was able to put her in her crib and she is still napping! Andrea has been supportive not just when we met but continued to check in and give tips and tricks before bed time and this morning!! If you are looking for more support getting your baby to sleep I recommend Andrea!!"

Whitney, mom of 4 month old


"Most people "warn" new parents about the many hours of lost sleep they'll have to endure when they have a baby. But with Andrea's guidance, you won't have to lose more sleep than you need to. She helps you and your little one get the quality sleep that you deserve! Andrea is really knowledgeable as well as extremely sweet and accommodating. Her advice is specific to your situation and circumstance which was what our family needed! I highly recommend that any parent who wants the absolute best for their baby's sleep (and theirs too!) to let Andrea work her magic for your tiny dreamer! <3"

Sandra, mom of 6 month old

If I could say the "A" word, I totally would, but since it's LENT, I will just say Glory to God! We have been working with Andrea De La Torre to get our almost 1 year old to sleep better, AND transition him to the other room. Well, everything she has said to do has WORKED! I was literally at my wits end and told my husband we needed to hire a "professional" to get this kid to sleep better (less night waking/crying, not take 30 minutes of rocking/laying with him to get him to nap/sleep, nurse him or bottle back to sleep every time, an unpredictable naptime schedule...) Mamas and papas, there is HOPE! On his first night, he slept 7:00 pm-6:15 am in his crib in the other room (with his sisters), and only woke up 3:45 - 4:00 am, with a little fuss/cry/talk, then went back to sleep! Second night, 7:00 pm-5:45 am! Thank you Andrea De La Torre for your help! We have enjoyed working with you!"

Catie, mom of 11-month-old




"I have a 4-year-old son who has always been a great sleeper so I thought I knew what I was doing but my 7-week-old daughter has brought her own challenges. I had some specific questions around what methods to try and when to teach her to sleep on her own so I set up a chat with Andrea. She was comforting and informative in providing recommendations tailored to our specific child and really made me feel confident in moving forward. I've always done a lot of my own research but it's so nice to have direct access to an expert who can speak definitively to my specific issues. Her services are a great value and I will definitely be utilizing her again as my daughter grows and changes."

Lisa, mom of 7 week old




"I cannot tell you what a life saver Andrea was. My 3 year old has always been a terrible sleeper. We switched him to a toddler bed over a year ago and could never get him to stay in bed for naps or night time. I would have told you that I had tried every solution that Google had to offer. After talking with Andrea and using her plan for a few weeks, he stays in bed 9 nights out of 10 and we have a quick solution for those odd nights. He sleeps much better then he ever did and my husband and I have our evenings back. She is a blessing to our family."

Christi, mom of 3 year old




"I never thought I'd need a sleep consultant but it was amazing! Andrea was so helpful in helping me understand not only the importance of quality sleep but how the sleep needs for my 22 month old and 3.5 year old differ. My issues stemmed from my kids sharing a room, keeping each other up and therefore resulting in tired, unhappy kids. Andrea made herself available to me and always responded in a timely manner. We chose to communicate via text for nearly a week and we are all on a great sleeping schedule now and my kids are able to continue to share a room. Andrea provided me with the tools to help get our sleep back on schedule should we find ourselves in a similar situation. Having someone to talk to about your sleep struggles and family routine is something I found extremely valuable and would recommend Andrea to anyone looking for some insight to a better nights sleep. Thank you Andrea!"

Jacqueline, mom of 3



"Andrea is super responsive and offers gentle guidance on what babies need in terms of sleep, and help for parents struggling with their little one's sleep schedule or sleep associations!!"

Sarah, mom of 2




"I didn't know sleep consultants were a thing, but I'm so glad they exist. Andrea has been attentive, accessible and thorough in helping me adjust my stubborn not-yet-one-year-old's wake-up time of 5 a.m. She provided a few suggestions to try. With a little tweaking of my son's nap schedule he is finally sleeping until my goal of 6 a.m. I'll continue to use her full length assessment as a guide. Muuuchas gracias, Andrea!" -

Courtney, mom of 2


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