Use a Timer to Reduce Bedtime Battles!

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

"Alexa, put my kids to bed." May not actually work, but using a timer does help! So something like, "Alexa set a timer for five minutes," may actually do the trick! Imagine you're sitting with your best friend, talking about your favorite topic (Are you team Tyler?), drinking your favorite drink (Ah a Margarita would be nice right now) and all of a sudden someone gets there and tells you it's time to go brush your teeth and go to sleep. Would you stand up right away and go happily? (I would not.) Now imagine the same scenario, but someone you love walks in five minutes earlier to let you know that in five minutes you guys will start your fun bedtime routine so that you can get good sleep and feel well rested tomorrow. She then shows you the time and suggests you wrap up your conversation and make plans to get together next week. Your loved one gives you space as you finish up your fun time. She shows up five minutes later and says, "alright let's go read that book on your bookstand and then go to sleep!" You'd probably react much better this time! It's the same for our kiddos. It's hard for them to transition from playing their favorite thing (everything is their favorite right before bed) to doing something they don't want to do. So what we can do is give them that heads up and a visual, and make bedtime sound fun! So try this if you have a bedtime battler: 1- Tell your toddler that in X minutes bedtime will start. 2- Show them the timer you're setting up and explain that in X minutes the timer will let them know it's time for bedtime. 3- Ask them briefly, "what will we do when the timer goes off?" 4- Wait for them to say, "bedtime." 5-Let them play until you hear the timer. 6- When you hear the bedtime enter in a REALLY good mood and say something like, "ok! that's the timer, I'm so glad you got to play before bedtime, now let's do our favorite bedtime routine steps!" Something we use is Alexa. We simply say, "Alexa set a timer for five minutes." Our toddler knows to react to the alarm that Alexa plays and it's really easy peasy for us all! Now, you don't have to use Alexa of course, there are things as simple as your stopwatch, a timer you pull up on google (by literally typing in "set a timer for five minutes"), or a fancy kid timer like these:

Your kid can track the timer using this one (and learn about time at the same time!) Link to this product:

an Alexa link if you don't have one :

Do you use timers with your kiddos? Share your timer stories below! And if you need more help with your toddler's bedtime battles, send me a message and we can set up a consultation!

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