R' Rock 'n Plays Dangerous?

This week moms and sleep consultants have been buzzing with the news that "The Consumer Product Safety Commission now recommends consumers stop use of the product by three months of age, or as soon as an infant exhibits rollover capabilities." (Babybargains.com) It's not easy news to swallow since the Rock 'n Play is basically a staple in most households with babies. They are all over baby registries, moms lend them to each other- they're a pretty miraculous tool that help mom and baby get more rest. My thought is this: if people have reported 10 documented deaths in this product in the past three years, I'm going to stay away from it. I'm also going to advice my friends, family, and clients to stay away from it. It's the same as the Dock a Tot. The Dock a Tot has a manufacturer's label that specifically states not to leave baby there unassisted. If a company is covering themselves from a lawsuit, I am definitely not going to trust my baby to sleep overnight in their product. Personally I prefer to have less sleep crutches anyway. In my mind the less tools you use the less tools you have to wean from eventually.

Now, here's the annoying part: Rock 'n Plays really are such a useful thing! They help newborn babies with reflux sleep better, they help baby feel more encased, they're somewhere to put babies down so that moms can be people... they aren't a 'bad' product. So if you want to keep using your Rock n Play becuase you know you need it, adhere to the warning: do not use after 3 months, always buckle baby in, and never put a baby that knows how to roll over in it. If you want help transitioning out of the Rock 'N Play send me an email and we can set up a short consultation for this specific problem!


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