My Favorite Sleep Books

Many people ask me for the best sleep books out there. My honest answer is: if you are sleep deprived and struggling to get your baby to sleep... then I don't recommend you look through books. Once you're in the deep dark circle of no sleep I recommend you just talk to someone (me!) who can help you get out and move forward. I absolutely love Sleep Books because I find them so interesting, and I think they're great to read when you're pregnant and trying to get a sense of what Baby Sleep is like. There are SO many books out there, however, and each book follows a different philosophy. I have read more than 15 of these types of books cover to cover, and they all differ significantly, they all offer new ideas! They have SO much information that is hard to navigate through when you're tired and or desperate, and very rarely will you find an exact example of the exact problem you're facing with your little one. I say all this from my own experience as well as from what my clients have told me. It's so demotivating to have someone say, 'oh read X book, it changed my life,' just to read 300 pages and still feel lost. Having said that, I do have four main books that I really like, and they cover a broad range of different parenting styles.

1) The Happiest Baby on the Block by Dr. Karp

This book is pretty amazing. It gives you an overall view of newborn sleep and why they need what they need. It is a GREAT book to read while pregnant to get a good sense of baby sleep and some tips to start out right. 2) Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems by Dr. Ferber If you've ever heard anyone say 'modified cry it out' or 'Ferber method,' it comes from this book. I loved reading through this book. Ferber has a ton of neat information about baby sleep science in general, as well as effects of different types of sleep philosophies. If you're against any type of modified cry it out method, this is not for you. 3)Precious Little Sleep by Alexis Dubief This book I mostly enjoy because of Dubief's humor. She is a FUNNY mom, and spits it out like it is. She has a cool website with a ton of information as well. She is mostly team cry it out, so I don't use her training methods- but it's a fun read and she has a good grasp of scheduling and other important things for sleep like routine. 4)Sweet Sleep by La Leche League International

If you know anything about LLLI, then you know what to expect from this book. It is the perfect book for the breastfeeding, co-sleeping mom that wants to make sure they are doing this safely. This is not my style of parenting, but I love to learn about it and to be able to talk about it with moms that prefer to co-sleep. I definitely recommend this book before you choose to co-sleep. The worst thing you can do is co-sleep in desperation, in the middle of the night, without knowing how to do it safely. I hope you look into these books if you like to learn about Baby Sleep. They're also great gifts if you know the style of parenting of your gift receiver and if you let them know this wont solve all sleep problems necessarily. But I want to stress again - it can be so tough to look through them and find the right answers if you're really struggling. Especially if you haven't figured out your sleep-parenting style. That's exactly what I'm here for! I know which questions to ask, what advice to offer, and how to come up with a step-by-step guide to better sleep that respects everything you believe in.

Reach out to continue this book-sleep conversation or if you'd like to set up a free consultation to see if we could make a good team ;).

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