How to Wake a Sleeping Tot.

I'm usually on team #neverwakeasleepingbaby but there ARE some times when we need to wake up our tots. Life happens! Now, I do NOT like to be woken up, and neither do most kiddos! So luckily there are little things we can do to make waking up our little ones a little smoother, read below!

When should I wake my baby up?

- When they're getting too much day sleep and it's eating up their night sleep. This is usually any nap longer than 4 hours long for a newborn, 2.5/3 for an infant, and 2 for an older toddler. Some kiddos that are have a high sleep need can have long naps and it won't affect their sleep- so don't cut naps unless you see they're not getting enough night sleep.

-When naptime is getting too close to bedtime. If little ones don't have enough time awake before bedtime, they won't go down easy. Check out the sleep chart to see how much waketime they need based on age.

-When Life Happens. Sometimes, we just have to go somewhere; be it the doctor, to pick up another child, to get to work, etc...

How should I do it?

-One of the best tricks to waking up an infant or toddler is to be watching them (via webcam or just spying on them ;) ) to see when their sleep cycles end. Infant sleep cycles are around 30-45 minutes long. After they finish one sleep cycle they will briefly wake up and then transition into the next one. If you catch them in that transition, waking them up completely will be a lot easier than to try to get them up from deep sleep. When we wake them up in deep sleep... that's when we get crabby, angry kiddos.

-Wake them up slowly. Slowly open curtains to let sunlight in, turn down the white noise gradually, and let their little bodies help them wake up. If they don't move or open their eyes, gently rub their faces or start moving their little arms.

-Have a snack on hand. Sometimes kiddos wake up tired and hungry and don't know what to do with themselves so they'll immediately start crying. This is especially important if your little one is a big eater. As soon as you wake them up hand them a small snack like apple sauce or some cheese they can eat by themselves as they are fully waking up.

If you need more help, always feel free to send me a message here

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