How to Use the Ok to Wake Clock

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

"Happy Summer Mom and Dad! I will now start to wake up at 4:30 am!" - My toddler, first day of summer vacation.

I am beyond lucky to have my husband home for the summer, this I know. What I'm not so blessed with is that my 2 year old tends to wake up extra early when his dad is home...

It really wouldn't be SO bad if my 3mo hadn't also decided to start waking up super congested every couple hours... so what we did is buy an Ok to Wake Clock and planned for the best. (An OK to Wake Clock turns green at your Desired Wakeup Time. It's like a friendly alarm clock for kids) After a week of purchase we had moved up his wakeups to 6:15 am! So here are my tips to best use an OK to Wake Clock:

**( I know 6 am may not sound like that great, but when you have a kid that wakes up early, doesn't need much sleep to be in a good mood and hit his milestones, and has been this way his whole life: 6 am is pretty great