Get to Know Your Baby

The single most important part of baby sleep is knowing your baby. This may seem too obvious or basic an answer, but it is actually a huge part of getting a baby to sleep well.

With our first little baby we tried everything and still he wouldn't sleep. I even became a sleep consultant, chose a gentle method, implemented it... and still he would not sleep long stretches. It wasn't until we realized he had a dairy allergy (and cut it out of my diet- and waited for it to leave his body) that he finally started to sleep long stretches. Along the way we had slowly learned that he heats up really quickly so doesn't need many layers. We also learned that he loved to be swaddled as a newborn, but quickly grew to dislike being confined... And all those things allowed us to have ok sleep for a while- we weren't completely sleep deprived! But it wasn't until we really got to know him- and that he had the allergy- that he finally slept through the night. You think we would have learned our lesson- but when little #2 came we failed miserably the first night. We put him in a light layer and a tight swaddle, we set him in the bassinet and.... NO SLEEP! It was then that we realized every single baby is SO different- and we had to start from zero; we had to get to know this little human!

Fastforward 2.5 months and little man is sleeping 6 hour stretches, by himself... so what did we do? We got to know him.

Now we know he needs to sleep in a thick onesie pj and a thick sleep sack: unlike the rest of the family, this guy runs cold... AND he prefers to be extra toasty in his sleep (which we all really don't like). He also had to be held for the first three weeks of his night sleep, and slowly we taught him to sleep on his own, never pushing it too fast. We've noticed he has a very docile personality, but will let us know immediately when something is wrong with him. There are so many other little things we've learned about him, and they all help us be better parents and help him get better sleep. So if you feel like nothing is working- take some time to really get to know baby. Get to know if he's happy in the environment and schedule you're providing, if she's uncomfortable in what you would find heavenly... and then make some changes! Especially in the first few months these personalized changes make all the difference between having to sleep train a baby or just being able to slowly teach them how to sleep. If you need help asking the right questions, I can work with you on that! My goal is always to find a plan for each different family- I don't have ONE plan that works for everyone. Send me a message to get started today, or check out the different types of ways I can help you get more sleep!

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