FAQ: What is a Baby Sleep Consultant?

A Baby Sleep Consultant is not a Baby that consults with you about sleep, though that would be very cute. (I have a tendency to imagine things very literally. For example when someone says "I'm a huge fan of bacon." I picture them turning into a giant bacon fan, with the axis turning and creating a bacon smell. But I digress, let me tell you what exactly a Baby Sleep Consultant does. )

As a Sleep Consultant I don't just work on helping you fix your Baby's sleep problems, I work on getting baby to love sleep. I work closely with you, coaching you along the way, to get your sleep back! I do this in a variety of ways, depending on which you prefer. I work mostly online through emails, but also offer Skype and phone calls, texting and Facebook messenger communication, and some in-person consultations in the DFW area.

When you are ready to get started you will fill out a survey: your Baby's Sleep Habits survey. I will then take a look at your baby's habits and analyze it thoroughly. After that I will be able to create a Personalized Sleep Plan. This is a step-by-step plan, backed up with scientific evidence and successful methods, that will teach you how to get baby to sleep on his or her own. Once you have received the plan and started to implement it we can communicate in different ways, depending on which Sleep Packages you chose to purchase, for any questions or bumps in the road that appear.

Some common problems are the following:

-Frequent Night Wakings

-Only taking quick Catnaps

-Only sleeping in your arms or after a feeding

-"my child HATES the crib"

-Taking a LONG time to fall asleep

-Waking up too early

-and more

For example, babies 6 months or older should be able to sleep through the night (if cleared by the pediatrician). If your baby is older than 6 months and still waking up frequently, contact me to see how we can fix it!


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