3 Ways you May be Sabotaging Your Sleep Training Efforts

You're starting at the wrong time

When baby is waking up a million times at night, we start thinking that this is the main problem we have to fix. But if we focus on the night wake-ups, we miss the most crucial part of sleep: the first sleep of the night. If baby (older than a newborn) is waking up to nurse 4+ times, it's most likely due to a sleep association. We can only tackle a sleep association at the beginning of the night, using a good bedtime routine, making sure baby is not overtired, and that they're ready to fall asleep.

You're using the wrong method

Maybe ten different moms told you that the Ferber Method is the way to go. Maybe your best mom friend swears by the Pick-Up-Put-Down Method. Your neighbor swears the only way to get sleep is to co-sleep--- but when you try those, it doesn't work. That's because every baby is different! And every mom is different too. The only method that for SURE works for every baby is the Cry it Out method- because you simply wait for baby to fall asleep exhausted and there is no limit on how long you should wait for them to sleep. I am NOT a fan of this at all. I don't like the idea of leaving my baby to cry until they can't stay awake... It is crucial that you pick a method that works for your baby, your schedule, your parenting style, and your own personality. This is something I can help you find!

You've forgotten how little ones learn

Think about how a baby learns to walk. They take one step and fall. Then they stand up and fall. Then they try to take a step and fall.... they keep on trying until they learn! Sometimes as adults we get frustrated when our little ones don't learn something we JUST taught them! But that's how learning works! We slowly attain new skills by practicing in optimal environments. It's the same with teaching sleep. We have to be patient, and have realistic expectations. Yes I've had clients that have instant success the first night- but those are rare! Most sleep training takes up to two weeks before we can say a little one is sleep trained. The more positive and persistent we stay, the better sleep training will go!

If you're guilty of one of these three things and you need help getting started, I offer a Q+A type phone call to set you up for success send me a message! If you want more help than just that, check out my different packages!


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