3 Generations of Baby Sleep

When we brought home our first baby, he slept like a charm for few nights. But after that first week I realized I had no idea what to do about naps. Or about how to lengthen his sleep at night. Or how to put him down in his crib. Or bassinet? Or swing? I was just lost. The advice I got from my family was let him cry, "le hace bien a sus pulmones," which means "it's good for his lungs." I couldn't do that. But it got me wondering, what have people been doing through the ages, as new information comes up, as culture shifts, as medical science changes... ?

So I interviewed my grandma, my mom, and myself (haha), to compare how sleep training advice and practice has changed through the years. Just as background information: my grandma Patricia grew up in Mexico with Italian Immigrant parents, my mom Patty grew up in Mexico, with, of course, Mexican parents, and I grew up around the world (Mexico, US, Brazil, Spain), but I'm raising my babies in the US.