12 Crazy Things Moms Have Done to get Baby to Sleep

Desperate times call for desperate measures. In the parenting world we often find ourselves in many, many desperate times. Before becoming a sleep consultant, our little family came across quite a few of these. As we were struggling through a nap sleep regression, my husband and I took to driving (a LOT) thinking this was the only way to get our infant to sleep longer. One time we drove to a different city when we were just 5 minutes away from our house since our baby had JUST fallen asleep. Luckily we found cheaper gas there, so it wasn't too bad I guess!

I asked moms, "what are some of the most ridiculous things you've done to try to get your baby to sleep or stay asleep?"

  1. "My first born would only fall asleep next to me but then as soon as you tried to move her into the cot she would wake up, every time! So I thought I had found the solution by climbing into the cot with her, letting her fall asleep next to me and then sneak out without her noticing... only I broke the cot while climbing out and we both ended up on the bedroom floor, awake" - Zarah

  2. "I had a one year old who insisted on crawling into my bed halfway through the night so I, heavily pregnant, would have to go and sleep in the cot. This happened often. I also did a 2am shop at the 24hr supermarket as baby wouldn't stop crying and I needed to go shopping anyway" -Marta

  3. "My husband was pulled over for driving erratically because he was stopping and starting down our neighborhood streets at 2:00 am - trying to get our oldest asleep. The officer didn't give him a ticket, instead recommended putting the car seat on top of the dryer to get the baby to sleep." - Jennifer

  4. "Holding baby on my chest while he slept and would wake when I put him down so I would practically climb over crib rail to ease him down and pull my shirt off while simultaneously keeping pressure on his body and finally slip a weighted teddy bear onto his stomach! As long as he stayed warm, had my scent and the weight placement he would stay asleep, unless I banged the crib rail getting back out!" -Maureen

  5. "My kids were terrible sleepers. For a while dd (Dear Daughter) would only sleep on top of the tumble dryer in a moses basket, swaddled with the hoover running at the same time(it was summer)... we co slept ( as they were horrible sleepers) so during the day I would nurse them to sleep and replace my body with a pillow that had a hot water bottle in it. Ds (Dear Son) knew the difference between being rocked in a pram to being pushed and we would do laps of the house. My dad attached a small motor to our cradle as babies ( history off poor sleep runs high in my side of the family) as they could only get us over to sleep in the car and the vibration would help get me and later my sisters to sleep.. please bare in mind this was over thirty years ago!" -Sara

  6. "We used to put my oldest in the Ergo and then when he was finally good and asleep we would lay on the bed belly down (without squishing him, of course!), undo the Ergo straps, and then very, very slowly get up. He would be on his back and napping on top of the baby carrier, but anything to keep that kid asleep!" - Carly

  7. "I have sat in my parked car for over an hour to allow my child to finish a nap. This is actually how I got introduced to The Thomas Jefferson Hour on NPR" - Carrie

  8. "If baby is asleep in the car, she'll likely wake up at a stoplight. I always stop at the red lights a few yards early and pump my brakes to keep her asleep. People must think I'm crazy for inching up like that." -Katey

  9. "Since his first week, Frank Sinatra has calmed him! He just turned 2, and we still play Frank all night long. We actually misplaced our regular CD when traveling over Memorial Day weekend, so we've been listening to Sinatra's Christmas album for the past month LOL" - Jamie

  10. "My first baby would only sleep with this heartbeat bear that made the whoosh whoosh sound of the in-utero mother's heartbeat. When we traveled home with her, I didn't have room in the luggage for a dumb bear so I opened the seam and removed the little speaker box, i.e., the bear's heart, and packed it in my carry-on. I performed surgery on a toy bear so my child could sleep at her grandma's house. [Also] placing sleeping baby in cot while never ceasing the rhythmic "shhh shhh shhh" as I then dropped to the ground like a silent ninja and army-crawled to the door. [And] laying on the cold hard floor with one arm extended, hand through the slats on the cot, so he could hold my finger. He was stone cold out, but if I dared move the finger he would cry. My arm would go completely numb -- signed mother of 5" -Maria

  11. "Not me but a close friend got into the cot with her baby... And fell asleep with him while putting to sleep in there" -Caz

  12. "My second [baby] had undiagnosed - with hindsight I think- reflux. Only slept vertically for a while. So in first few weeks he was in sling 24hrs (between my husband and I in shifts), and I went in the trampoline. He slept best if I did squats!" -Jess

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