Infant Consultations

  • Complete Sleep Assessment of your baby's current Sleep Habits 

    • Step-by-step personalized plan to solve current sleep problems

  • Thorough walkthrough of Baby Sleep Science

  • "Future Bumps in the Road" navigation 

  • Q+A session

  • 1-3 Weeks of Coaching and Followups

"We have been working with Andrea to get our almost 1 year old to sleep better, AND transition him to the other room. Well, everything she has said to do has WORKED! I was literally at my wits end and told my husband we needed to hire a "professional" to get this kid to sleep better (less night waking/crying, not take 30 minutes of rocking/laying with him to get him to nap/sleep, nurse him or bottle back to sleep every time, an unpredictable naptime schedule...) Mamas and papas, there is HOPE! On his first night, he slept 7pm-6:15am in his crib in the other room (with his sisters)."                                         

Catie and Tomás (11 mo)

Personalized Sleep Plan 

Thorough Analysis of your Baby's current sleep. 

Step-by-step Guide to solve sleep problems and prevent future issues.

"Bumps in the Road" guide
1-3 weeks of support


Working with Andrea was and continues to be an amazing experience. My husband and I contacted Andrea when our 5 month old daughter was going through her first major sleep regression. She needed to nurse to fall to asleep and was up every two hours through the night. We were all exhausted and losing our minds! After chatting with Andrea we were able to figure out a plan for our family and felt confident because of all the knowledge and support from her. Andrea helped us figure out how to sleep train our daughter in a way that worked for us, how to nap train, how to establish a solid sleep routine, how to teach our daughter how to self soothe and most importantly how to go to bed without needing to nurse. After two days of implementing some changes in our approach to bedtime, our daughter actually slept through the night... We will continue to ask her for sleep guidance as our family grows and recommend her to all of our sleep deprived friends!


In Person Consultation
2 hour in Home Consultation 
(Only offered in DFW area)  
45 minute online conversation in Q+A format. 
Transcript is emailed within 24 hours
45 minute phone conversation 
20 minutes of Q+A extra

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