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My Philosophy

As  an elementary school teacher I quickly learned that every child is a unique individual, no matter how small. Some require more firmness to succeed while some need gentler approaches to help them achieve their goals. While all babies are capable of learning how to sleep on their own, each family has different ways of teaching and no one method will fit every family's needs.  


When consulting with a family I strive to find a plan that will best suit them, using my repertoire of successful methods to get baby dreaming. 

I  love sleep. When my first teeny tiny son was born, he took my sleep!


I found myself in a new world of anxiety as I did everything I could to ensure his wellbeing. New motherhood was scary, and I started to be someone I didn't recognize as we struggled with sleep deprivation. My mood was constantly low and I worried I was slowly falling deeper into PPD and PPA with every passing sleepless morning. So I decided to do something about it. 

 I started researching. I read every book and article I could find about baby sleep. I spent countless hours perusing sleep philosophies and successful programs... until finally, I realized it was more than just an interest. I realized that Baby Sleep Science FASCINATES me. 


As I successfully navigated through my baby's new milestones and sleep regressions, always working to get him the best possible sleep, I realized I wanted to help other families do the same. There are priceless benefits for a baby that gets quality, restful sleep, and I want to help as many babies get that. So I sought out and completed my Sleep Consultant Certification and started reaching out to families. Although running a business and marketing myself is not my favorite thing, happy, sleeping families ARE my favorite thing, so I could not be in a better place. 


I grew up in Mexico, California, Brazil, and Spain; I am fluent in Spanish and Portuguese and offer consultations in these languages as well. 


My Training
Certified Sleep Consultant 

Institute of Pediatric Sleep and Parenting--Sleep Consultant

BA in Early Childhood through Elementary Education

University of Dallas 

"We had tried sleep training our 21 month old on our own, but nothing we tried worked! I reached out to Andrea and after telling her about our sleep goals she gave us a detailed process to follow. The FIRST night we implemented this new routine our baby went to sleep in his room, on his own, without crying!!! It’s been almost a month now and I’m just amazed and so grateful for her help!! If you’re having trouble getting your baby to sleep DEFINITELY talk to Andrea :)"
- Nicole, Mom of 21 month old 

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Andrea De La Torre

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